How You Can Get the Wolverine Facial Hair Look Like Hugh Jackman

Ever thought of wearing Wolverine’s facial hair and look like, well, Hugh Jackman?

Aside from being known as Wolverine in the X-Men movie series, Hugh Jackman has also led well known movies like Les Miserables, Real Steal, and Australia. Other than being an on-screen actor, he’s also a stage musical actor and a producer. Among Hugh Jackman’s achievements, he’s a Tony Award and Golden Globe Award winner.

For a man who can sing, dance, and act at the same time, it’s cool how he can also pull off that beard style like his movie character Wolverine.


What You Need to Look Like Wolverine

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A well-known magazine named Hugh Jackman as the “Sexiest Man Alive”. Now who wouldn’t want to be like him, or at least look like him? The recognition, massive body, and not to mention his ability to heal himself (at least in the movie), men would really find it awesome to look like him. Well, no need to wonder how you can because you can all start with the beard. Read on and find out how to get that Wolverine facial hair look like Hugh Jackman!

Wolverine Facial Hair Hugh Jackman in Comic-Con

Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine, during Comic-Con 2013 in San Diego.

How to Shave your Beard like Wolverine

Now, get that Wolverine facial hair look by following these simple steps.

  1. You must grow a full beard first so that you can define the areas to shave off. Give it at least four weeks to grow it until it looks like one of the many full beard styles.
  2. Using a beard trimmer, shave off center area of your chin, leaving little hair on the inside edges (area below your lower lip), forming a perfect U shape of hair on the chin.
wolverine facial hair Wahl Trimmer All-In-One Lithium Ion

Beard trimmer set.
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3. Shave off your moustache, leaving hair on the corner of your lips. You can also opt to leave a thin moustache.
4. Then, shave off excess hair on the neck and leave some facial hair just below your jaw.
5. Shape the side hair by removing excess hair on the cheek.

Important Tips in Maintaining this Beard Style

Maintain Wolverine facial hair style with these helpful tips.

  • Keep a reliable beard trimmer or a razor. Specialized tool for sideburns can also help.
  • For thinner or longer face, keep your facial hair on the side thicker.
  • Make sure your beard is symmetrical as its one key to have that perfect Wolverine look.
  • Don’t be afraid to let your hair grow on your throat.
  • Shave, trim, groom!

Men may not want to have adamantium claws growing from their knuckles. Maybe you’re not a fan of the X Men, but you’re a true Avenger at heart! Consider trying out Tony Stark’s facial hair style.

No matter what style you’re going for, a barber is your best friend. If you’re not too confident that you can pull this beard style off by yourself, bring a pic next time you go to the barber and let him do it for you! You may not feel like a super hero, but you can definitely look like one. If you feel it’s time for you to wear that beard and show it off, grab that razor or beard trimmer now!

Tips on How to Grow a Thicker Beard

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