How to Get Tony Stark Facial Hair and Look Like Iron Man

How do you like to get that Iron Man look by wearing the famous Tony Stark facial hair? Iron Man, a movie based on a Marvel Comics’ character (of similar name) and was released in summer of 2008. Robert Downey Jr. played the role of the fictional superhero character. In this film, he was the famous Tony Stark who captured the heart of moviegoers. Despite being a ladies’ man, he still turned out to be a very likable superhero by showing the audience how he also is an engineering genius who manufactures and sells weapon as a business (making him really wealthy).  Downey’s performance received positive reviews and the superhero film turned to be a box office hit, gathered Oscar and other award-giving bodies’ nominations, and won numerous awards. With the long list of achievements of his film and on his plate as well, isn’t it cool to be Robert Downey Jr.? It wouldn’t be a wonder if men would find it awesome to look like him too as he got the attention and heart of people, including the gorgeous Gwyneth Paltrow (at least in the movie).

So, what’s one of the first amazing things noticeable about Tony Stark? Yes, that beard! Similar to Hugh Jackman’s “Wolverine” beard style this has also become one of the trendiest beards worn by men brave enough to pull it off. Read on and find out how to get that Tony Stark facial hair and look just like Iron Man!

tony stark facial hair robert downey jr. iron man

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.

How to Shave your Beard like Tony Stark

Now, you’re ready to embrace that Iron Man look and get Tony Stark’s facial hair. Here are simple steps you can follow to get that look.

  1. Prepare a towel soaked in hot water and razor. Dab the towel onto the face area for shaving for few seconds to soften the hair, and make it easier for you to shave without even using a shaving cream.
  2. Shave off excess hair on the cheek down to the neck, following the line of the mustache.
  3. Define these areas: mustache, goatee, inside edges (or the area under your lower lip), as well as the area on the side and under the jaw line. You can use a razor with 5 blades on front and 1 blade at the back to cleanly shape them.
tony stark facial hair M5 Magnum 5 blade razor with trimmer

5-blade razor with trimmer.
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4. Shape the goatee and attain the diamond shape. This is located below the mouth and above the chin.
5. Trim the mustache to give it a thinner look. Keep the edge neat and make a strong frame around your mouth by bringing your mustache’s sides down.

Important Tips in Maintaining this Beard Style

Preserve that Tony Stark facial hair with these helpful tips.

  • Keep a reliable razor or a quality beard trimmer to help you maintain the shape of these areas.
  • Trim your goatee regularly to keep it short.
  • Shave the bare areas carefully so that you don’t cut the hairs to be kept for this style.

There may be things about Tony Stark that some would argue not worth imitating. But certainly when it comes to being manly, you can definitely look up to his style. It’s important to note that achieving that perfect beard shape defines the Iron Man look! Keep in mind, too, if it’s really the right beard for you. But if you think that looking like Tony Stark isn’t the perfect choice for you, try growing a thicker beard read more about it about you. Nothing keeps your manliness down the line than wearing a beard that’s way too off for you!

Confident you have that face shape like of Tony Stark’s? Then, you don’t need to be a comic superhero for you to have that look! Grab that razor now and start shaping your facial hair to look like Iron Man!

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