How to Grow Native American Facial Hair And Look Manly

Native Americans often struggle to grow beards or goatees. It’s not uncommon for many Native Americans who are desperate for the best tips to grow a manly, thick beard.

But how tough it is to actually grow Native American facial hair? Several factors actually affect facial hair growth. Two of those significant factors are genetics and hormones. Thus, no matter how hard you try, those facial hairs will never grow the way you want it if your genes don’t allow you to. Now, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it’s harder for Native Americans to grow a beard as they have a genetic makeup which makes it difficult for them to grow so much hair. Though tough, they still have the genetic capabilities to have this physical, manly statement. Read on and find out on this article how Native Americans can still look manly even with this challenge of growing facial hair!

Can Native Americans even grow beards?

Yes, it’s tough for Native Americans to grow facial hair, but it doesn’t mean they can’t! It’s a misconception that they can’t grow significant beards. They actually develop facial hair, though it grows slower and rather thin compared to other cultural group as this trait is typical for them. Learn number of ways of how to grow a beard faster as mentioned here. It’s not necessary whether they are pure blooded or mix blooded, as history suggested that there are no Native Americans, men as well as women, who have completely no facial hair.

What role does genetics play in growing a beard?

Genetics play a vital role in the process of growing facial hair as the genes are to be accounted for most human traits, including human’s physical attributes. The genetic characteristics you inherit from your parents have a say as to how much your facial hair will grow as well as to what age you will have them. Thus, you’re most likely going to develop facial hair if your parents also do have.

What other races have difficulty growing facial hair?

Since genetics and hormone factors come into play, some human race grows less facial hair than the other races. There’s a specific gene usually found and shared in these cultural groups that bounds the growth of facial hair. Aside from the Native Americans, the races which face a challenge in facial hair growth are from the Asian and African populations, specifically the Southeast Asians and West Africans respectively.

Okay, so how should a Native American style their facial hair?

As it’s not possible for them to grow a thick full beard, Native Americans can go and start having that Stubble facial hair style. It’s a thin beard and mustache look, which women actually love for its bad boy appeal. It suits for them as they grow facial hair rather thin. Though this is a low maintenance style, it still requires right amount of work alike to other Hollywood celebrities famous beard styles like Johny Depp or Tony Stark’s beard style One way to best keep this style is by shaping facial hair through clean shaving the spots outside the growth of the stubble.

Nowadays, it’s not a big issue how less facial hair you can grow, as there are a lot of manliest ways to grow them. What’s important is to work around with what you have. Check out those styles now and be surprised that there are styles possible for you to wear, even how less hair you have. Start growing that beard and look manly!

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