How to Grow and Trim a Stylish Goatee

How’d you like to learn how to grow a goatee and trim it in a stylish way? No need to worry as to how you can grow a stylish one. With this age when almost anything can be just a click away, you don’t need to wander around to find out how. Find out on this article the simple steps on how to grow and trim a stylish goatee.

The Goatee

The conventional goatee is basically a beard style with the facial hair formed on a man’s chin. Since the beginning of wearing this style, which can be traced backed to Ancient Rome and Greece periods, it has already evolved through time and varied across culture. Among the facial hair styles which are also considered as a goatee in these times are Circle Beard and Van Dyke. They don’t form hairs only on the chin, but they are styles with a moustache as well. One famous person in history who was remembered wearing this beard during his term in presidency is Abraham Lincoln. In modern times, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and Will Smith are just among the Hollywood actors caught wearing this style. Now, it wouldn’t be a wonder why this you can say, Johnny Depp’s facial hair style gained much popularity and men from the other sides of the world would love to wear it, too!

Growing and Trimming – The Stylish Way

You don’t need to be a genius to grow a stylish goatee! Here are the simple steps you can follow to achieve that facial hair style.

  1. Don’t shave and wait for several days to allow the growth of the facial hair around your mouth as well as below your nose.
  2. You need to decided what style you want to achieve – a Van Dyke, a Circle Beard; or if you want to keep it simple – the traditional way (hair on the area below the mouth)
  3. Shape your goatee by following these suggestions:
  • For the traditional style, make sure that the hair on the edges of your mouth should be carefully handled and not to allow it to get past the smile lines of the face.
  • For whatever style of goatee, make sure both sides are symmetrical.
  • Use a clean razor to shape them if you’re using a manual razor. An electric shaver can also keep it neat.
  • The facial hair grows in several directions so make sure to move your shaving tool in any direction.
  • Your moustache and nose hair should not be connected so make sure it’s clearly defined.
  • Shape the corners of your jaw line.

Important Tips in Maintaining this Beard Style

  • Shaving oil is the best item to use in shaving this style.
  • Keep the rest of the facial hairs on your face shaved.
  • Trim your goatee regularly, at least once a week.
  • Wash your goatee regularly with a shampoo and conditioner.
  • Apply a moisturizing lotion to ease itching.

Actors and models are great influences when it comes to wearing this amazing beard trimming style. But you don’t need to imitate the way they wear it to look stylish. Whatever style you may want your goatee to be, the most stylish way to wear it is to keep it clean! Try that look now and wear them your own way!

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