The Manliest and Most Stylish Full Beard Styles

Searching for the most stylish full beard styles you can possibly wear? A full beard is a facial hair style which is a classic statement of manliness. As the term suggests, it’s a style wherein facial hairs cover your cheeks, area above and below the lips, as well as your chin and neck. It’s challenging for men to grow a significant beard because genes and hormones are important factors that affect hair growth. That’s why those who have the gift to grow a full beard are encouraged to do so. There are several full beard styles that men can choose from. This article lists the manliest and most stylish full beard styles popular among men. Read on and find out!

1. Short Boxed Beard

full beard styles short boxed beard


It’s a beard groomed properly as the shape is clearly defined and the facial hairs are bounded on the cheeks, area above the lips, the chin, as well as the area which is at least an inch below the chin. This style emphasizes your jaw line as well as your cheekbones. It’s one of the popular choices as it’s suited for any face shape.

2. French Fork

full beard styles french fork style beard


Made popular by Johnny Depp’s remarkable character in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series, Jack Sparrow, it’s a full beard which lengthens off the chin, then separates the middle into two sections. It’s popularly known as the standard Johnny Depp facial hair look, so if you like his style, the French Fork may be for you.

3. Old Dutch

full beard styles old dutch style beard


Also known as The Amish, this full beard style is worn by men without a mustache and in square form. The chin is bare but the cheeks are covered.

4. Garibaldi

full beard styles garibaldi style


This style is a wide full beard with a round bottom. It’s best suitable for men who have round shaped faces who are gifted with wavy whiskers.

5. The Klingon

full beard styles klingon style


It was made popular by the Klingon characters of Star Trek film series. This is a full beard style in which the hair on the upper lip is cleanly shaved. The connection of the beard and the moustache is left untouched.

6. Ducktail

full beard styles ducktail style


This is another style popularized by sci-fi movie characters. It’s a full beard wherein you have to grow the beard long and trim the sides to form a point near the chin.

7. Stiletto Beard

full beard styles stiletto beard


This style is best worn with short hair. It has rounded sides and a pointed end. A gel would surely help to style this one.

8. Verdi Beard

full beard styles verdi style


It’s named after the composer who wore this beard style when writing his songs. This is also round at the bottom and short as well. Men can wear them with cheeks shaven a little to highlight the moustache.

Unlike growing a goatee beard style, full beard style is appropriate for any face shape since it almost entirely covers your face. So you just have to choose the most stylish full beard that you have the confidence you can pull off the manliest way. Go ahead and start growing the most stylish full beard you want to wear!

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