Beard Oil Vs Beard Balm

Nothing enhances your facial appearance and commands attention more than your beard. It also goes a long way in punctuating that masculine appearance. Basically, you are your beard.

Every man should therefore make every effort to maintain the beard, whether stubble or full grown. Beard oil and beard balm are the two products which you’ll want to add to your daily routine to get the most out of your facial hair.

With an assortment of beard oils and balms on the market, not to mention the ever-present advertisement craze, most men are at wits ends when choosing the best product. Unfortunately, many ignore the misgivings of some products, many decide to use the trial and error method (who’s results are not always great, and it can get costly).

However, you need not learn the hard way. After suffering the fate of many by buying and testing way too many balms and oils, I took it upon myself to research the best beard oil and beard balm.

If you are wondering what these products are, worry no more. While most people confuse the two and refer to them interchangeably, they have a major difference.

Beard oil is the most common between the two, and is basically a combination of oils, mostly essential oils and carrier oils, blended together with fragrance oil to give them scent. Beard oil helps to moisturize, condition and nourish the beard, making it a necessary addition for your dry beard.

Being an oil, it gives it an easy time reaching the skin beneath. If you use the right product, it can go a long way in reducing the “beardruff” and itching, whether you’ve got a new beard or are on your yeard.

Beard balm on the other hand, while it contains moisturizing oils found in beard oil, has sealants such as beeswax added to it, which are then heated and cooled together, resulting to a pomade substance. Basically, balm is oil with something to make it harder. Because of that, it’s great for conditioning your beard, just like the oil, but it’s also got the added benefit of being able to style your beard. Some people also like the fact that the shea butter or beeswax locks in the moisture of the oils all day.

Many people find beard oil much easier to use, or they have a shorter beard that doesn’t need the styling and hold properties of the balm, which perhaps explains the reason for its popularity.

So, after painstaking research, listening to friends and trying numerous products, I’ve narrowed it down to my absolute favorite and most useful product line.

Liberty Premium Grooming Co. That’s my choice for both oil and balm, and it should be yours, too.

Liberty Beard Oil

Before I buy, I often read customer ratings and reviews, particularly on Amazon. When conducting my research, customer ratings and reviews was one of the considerations when it came to selecting the top products, though daily use over the course of a couple of weeks was my biggest factor in making a decision.

The Liberty oil reviews and ratings were bewildering. I mean, not so much products would boast a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 and above. Liberty Oil was clocking in at 4.7 stars. This speaks volumes on how the customers perceive the product. Here are the why reasons why online customers, my friends and yes, even me, rate it highly.

1. Outdoes the rivals in Improving the beard quality

When i first found this claim online, I thought it was a marketing stunt. How often do you see claims that a product does this or that but ends up doing the exact opposite once you use it? However, with Liberty, it was different. After using it for a week or two, I found that my beard was more nourished and felt smoother than the products I used earlier. Furthermore, I love the way my face feels thanks to the way the essential oils sooth my skin.

2. Natural ingredients

Some beard oil products have chemicals that prove harsh to your beard. Ironically, instead of helping you ease the itching, they facilitate the itch. However, not with this product, whose ingredients are all natural. This makes it pass as safe and friendly. As if that is not enough, it’s enriched with essential oils that helps in nourishing a fuller beard, which is beyond comparison. Additionally, it has vitamin E, which not only helps to prevent splits but to also enhance beard growth.

3. Phenomenal scent

If there would be a prize for the best scented product, the prize would undoubtedly go to Liberty. I know that scent is totally a personal thing, but the fact that there was only like, 2 reviews complaining about the smell means that a HUGE majority of guys loved it. The eucalyptus scent is invigorating, manly and a fresh – a very nature based scent – and will always arouse your feelings once used. What is more, the oil comes with an easy to use dropper, to minimize the danger of spillage.

I grew my beard out a bit to try the balm, as I usually keep it pretty short. I wanted to see how the hold and styling properties worked, and to give it a fair shot.

Liberty Beard Balm

What else can I say? Everything about the oil is applicable to the balm. The balm has a few different ingredients that I think make it even more luxurious and awesome, but it is basically exactly as good as the oil. It’ll depend on personal preference (do you want just a conditioning oil, or do you need that hold of the balm?).

We checked a few times, but this product had 4.7 or 4.8 out of 5 stars. Compared to the other products in the market, that’s insanely high. Most others are a 4.5, max.

We loved, again that it was all natural, and made use of beeswax and shea butter for the thickness and hold.

By scraping some off with my thumbnail, I got a nice smooth chunk of the balm and rubbed it between my hands to warm it into an oil consistency. I then rubbed it through my beard and it was literally as simple as applying oil, which was a bonus.

Most importantly, my beard was so soft and NOT wiry for once after using it for a bit. Even my girlfriend stopped telling me to shave my beard. She hated the idea of growing it out to test the product, but ended up loving it once it was nice and soft.

So – after a thorough review, my vote goes directly to Liberty for both of these essential grooming products.

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